Review:: Drop 10 Diet Book

by - Friday, August 03, 2012

Hello Everyone!

As a person, who is trying to loose some weight, I am trying to find a good book about dieting.
About a month ago I've bought book named "The Drop 10 Diet" written by Lucy Danziger in cooperation with Self Magazine. Got it from The Book Depository.
I was kind of "surprised" with the book quality.. Because with such pricing in Latvia we have better paper quality in books, it would be with colored pages.. This book is in monochrome and a paper quality is not the best.

Anyways, the book by itself is very good. It's not only about dieting. It's more about healthy eating and how to fasten your metabolism. In the book you will find some healthy food recipes, some nutrition facts, exercises, inspiration stories.

The main idea is to add so called "Superfoods" for weight loss.There is a list with 30 products.

What I liked about this diet, I can drink as much coffee, as I want, 'cause it fastens the metabolic rate by up to 15%.

I haven't started this eating plan yet, I don't fell like I'm ready right now, but I think this is good way to loose weight.

Thank you for reading!

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